I started the agent survey email task today and everything was simple and smooth, right until the very end. Our existing survey email template is just different enough that we shouldn’t try to modify and reuse it. Also, all of our templates are stored online in a Mandrill account. Additionally, a 2FA code is sent to an email account I don’t have access to. To make things more complicated, Mandrill went offline for a full day last weekend and we’re considering a move to a different email provider meaning we need to migrate away from their hosted templates.

The dev team discussed and ultimately decided to work on a solution for designing and hosting our own email templates. I researched a few solutions. HEML looked promising at first, but it’s missing some features and the repository has been inactive for nearly 2 years. That’s not a good start. We also looked at Foundation for emails which has nice features, but feels a bit bloated. Will continue research tomorrow.