If you're building a web application in angular.js, chances are you will have to send a message between one or more controllers. This is fairly simple to do through the use of services and callbacks.

var module = angular.module("MyApp", []);

module.service('bridgeService', function(){
    var event;
    this.send = function(message){
    this.onReceive = function(action){
        event = action;

module.controller('FooCtrl', function($scope, bridgeService){
    $scope.sendMessage = function(){

module.controller('BarCtrl', function($scope, bridgeService){
    bridgeService.onReceive(function(message) {
        $scope.message = message;

this is an overly simple example. You'll probably want to set up an events array so you can subscribe more than one action at a time, but this should be enough to get you started. Here is a jsfiddle example if you need a little more context.