This blog doesn’t get any attention these days, so I decided I’m going to try to write something at the end of each work day for the next year. I have a wife and daughter, but somehow this commitment feels like a lot… Probably because I don’t love my blog and I tend to give up on things like this quickly. If you’re curious about life in the software world, these posts may interest you.

Today I worked on making chat messages display optimistically for both agent and visitor. If the message fails to send, the user can click the message to attempt resending. These are things you would expect any modern chat application to have, but hey… our small team is working hard to modernize.

Our agent chat window was rewritten with TypeScript and React a few months ago. This task would have been extremely complicated prior to that rewrite. You really feel the benefit of technical debt repayment on tasks like this. Tomorrow, I’ll be adding a feature for agent survey results to be automatically emailed to a list of recipients at the conclusion of a chat.